Welcome to The Healing Root Blog! 

My name is Maria Praeg and I started this blog as a medium dedicated to delving deeper into exploring all the facets of health and wellbeing from nutritious vegan & plant-based recipes to exploring the connection between the mind & body to the energetic & healing qualities of food & preparation techniques, yoga and more. You can head over to the "About" page in the panel above to read more about my journey & interests and inspirations into starting this blog. 


I hope you can find something among the recipes, tips, tricks, experiences & lessons I've learnt and shared here that can make healthy living & vibrancy more available & accessible to you in your every day life. The health movement, as well as the movement towards living a more conscious, ethical and care-filled lifestyle, is like a ripple effect. And each splash that any one person makes, makes a difference and plants the seeds of consciousness, care & compassion into the minds of the people we surround ourselves with. 


So, having said that lets go deeper in the exploration of health together. Co-creating, learning from each other and making that ripple effect reach far and wide so that we can heal our planet and ourselves.