Intentions for The Healing Root 2019



Hi. Hello. Welcome. Or for some, welcome back!


I am so entirely thrilled to be back & active on The Healing Root platforms. I feel totally inspired, healthy, strong and balanced again. Which, for those of you who have been following me for a while now, will know that I struggled a lot with this aspect in the last year or so.


It took a lot of honest self-reflection, inquiry, curiosity, will, courage, resilience & determination to actively face and deal with the root causes of these imbalances I experienced as well as a steady patience and open heart to manage the symptoms thereof. I really had to take a long, hard step back from being active on social media and direct all of my spare energy into my healing processes. It’s been an incredibly transformative last few months. So much growth, so much healing, so much depth that I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve experienced so many emotions, so many experiences both tremendously great and tremendously difficult and sore. But, such is life! And I I feel I can confidently say I am continuously cultivating the capacity to take it all in my stride.



So, I figured, for an introduction back to The Healing Root blog, I would simply start off bye checking in, saying hi, and telling you a bit about some of my plans for the blog in the year to come: some of my intentions, hopes, goals/aims.


1)     For starters, I am truly intending to be more active on this platform. I feel so inspired, excited & passionate & ALIVE again and I believe this is because I took the time to deal with the things in my personal life & individual journey that needed attending to. Now that my tank is full, I feel I have the means, the passion, the energy & the desire to share delicious & meaningful things with you all. I am going to aim to post one post per week (this might be subject to change once University starts and my other current commitments require my attention) but, I am determined to maintain a steady consistent engagement with you & share bits and bobs of my life … and of course, the scrummy lessons I’ve learnt over the last few months.

2)     I have been thinking about some of the content that I am just SO excited to share with you all and these include (but are by no means limited to) more delicious plant-based recipes, talking about balance, health, going into depth about mindfulness, yoga, and my absolute passion … AYURVEDA. Many of you have expressed interest in a kind of immersive learning style with the blog. By this, I mean for example: in one post I write about the healing qualities of particular foods or how to balance/ground/uplift/ (etc.) through particular foods or spiritual practices and then give a recipe that pertains specifically to those things that I have spoken about so that once you read the post, you can put it into practice by making the relevant dish/recipe that allows you to embody and actualise the topic/teaching I’ve been talking about. This is a great idea (thanks Cell, shout-out to you, homie).

3)     I plan on writing a few in-depth posts about what my experiences of imbalance were in the last few months & HOW I truly started to heal through various changes: addressing emotional triggers, limiting beliefs, spiritual practices, daily routines & rituals that helped me, food & exercise shifts that aided in my healing etc.

4)     I plan on introducing an entirely new category to the blog, and that will be solely dedicated to YOGA! I am so excited about this. I plan for this to include articles on yoga, breath work (pranayama), meditation, and hopefully some yoga flow videos for those of you that would like to practice with me! I will start with shorter, more accessible flows (like 20 minutes for example) for people who want to begin cultivating a home practice for themselves, and then once I know how to do the technological things (believe it or not, I’m kind of a noob with technology!) I will hopefully move towards flows of up to an hour of guided Yoga.

5)     I am also planning on doing a few blog series – where I post various posts that have to do with a particular topic sequentially. For example: a series on easy, affordable weeknight meals OR budget-friendly vegan school/work/Uni lunch box ideas OR a series on various breathing techniques for calming the nervous system OR important lessons I’ve learnt … (you get the idea!).

6)     I am hoping to carve out time each week this year to work towards my goal of writing an E-Book on The Energy of Food. So many of you have expressed interest in this and up until now, I haven’t had the health, balance or the knowledge (from first hand, lived experience) to really share confidently what I have learnt. However, now that I have learnt so much through my own imbalances over the last few years about how to restore health, vitality & balance through lifestyle changes and understandings I cannot wait to share with you all – this knowledge and understanding of food, lifestyle choices & healing has truly, truly changed my life. Much of this will be from an Ayurvedic perspective because Ayurveda is truly what saved my life in many ways.


Ayurveda is one of the most Ancient Healing Systems in the world and there is so much incredible wisdom within it: I am just dying for this information to become more and more accessible and readily available & applicable to modern life & everyday lives of individuals and families. I feel like we really are living in a time of such immense imbalance: in our personal lives, in how we relate to ourselves and consequently live our lives and relate to others & our work, but also on a global and social level. These ancient systems of healing allow us to really tap into a greater, wider knowing - an intelligence that goes beyond the physical, working with the big shifts in consciousness to begin cultivating lives that better support our beings on all levels by taking into consideration all of the multiple facets that contribute to the process of negotiating the continual journey towards balance. So, even though I am still learning with every corner and every bend, it is my mission and aim to bring forth what I have learnt in my journey thus far in the hopes that it resonates with you and can somehow help in your own navigation of restoring or maintaining balance.



If any of you have requests or suggestions on particular topics you’d like me to chat about on The Healing Root platforms, things you’d like to see more of, ideas etc. I would love to hear from you so please don’t hesitate to comment in the comment section below the blog or e-mail me directly!