Raw Salted-Walnut Caramel Cream & 40-Day Cleanse & Self Care

This is one of my favorite ever recipes. Like ever. I know I say that for just about every recipe recipe, but I really love food okay. And I get enthusiast AF (excuse my symbolic French).


This is a really versatile, delicious, creamy, sweet, satisfying & deeply soothing-for-the-soul recipe. You can literally use it on anything: as a delicious fruit dip (for example dunking banana coins or apple slithers into it) or on toast/bread, or crackers, or on top of your porridge and oatmeal bowls, on top of your smoothie bowls … in your smoothie bowls … you name it.



This recipe came about as a result of me being in a creative zone during my second year University exams. I needed a much needed study break and wanted to create a delicious raw vegan treat. So, I embarked on a mission to create a Raw Pear & Espresso Tart (which will be up on the blog soon!). While I was making it, I wanted to create a salted caramel-type thing to drizzle on the tart once it was finished. And then this was created. Not quite what I had in mind (for the intended purpose of drizzling) but it positively blew my mind with its’ deliciousness and so naturally became its’ own whole thing.


I have been really feeling drawn to raw food of late. Which is interesting because it’s Winter (nearing the second half of Winter here in South Africa) and usually that means I lean more towards nourishing sweet potato bowls and rice dishes. Both of which I am still having. But what I have noticed and which has been a timeous endeavor, has been my inclination to eating high amounts of raw food in the day. Why timeous? Because just a few days ago my reflexologist prescribed for me a 40-day cleanse. The specifics are:


-       Only whole plant foods (vegan).

-       Low sodium (which, let’s be honest, is a bit of a struggle for this soy sauce queen addict over here!).

-       NO COFFEE (which has been my crutch for the last two months) or caffeinated tea.

-       We will also be supplementing this cleanse with: moringa, raw cacao, maca powder, goji berries, and a daily green juice & daily yoga (including meditation & asana & pranayama). I definitely recognize that we are very lucky to be able to supplement with these superfoods – I know that not everyone can afford to supplement with these, but that should by no means restrict/inhibit you from following a plant based diet or doing a cleanse like this because as long as you are eating enough of a varied whole foods plant based diet you can easily meet all of your nutrient requirements (with a supplement of B12 if needed). Superfoods are a bonus, but they are not needed to succeed on a plant based diet by any means.

-       I’ve posted more about it on my Instagram page and if you’d like to join me for the 40 days I would love to have you on board with me and my mama – who has decided to join me for the 40 days for her own reasons (to rejuvenate and clear out her own systems). If you'd like to connect or talk more about this please do leave me a comment or pop me an e-mail. :) 


We are both already feeling a lot better – clear minded, energized and, quoting mama-eagle, “deeply satisfied & nourished”. I explained to her that this is because, by focusing on micronutrients, (i.e. having a lot of nutrient-dense foods and drinks, supplementing with certain Superfoods & just focusing on un-processed foods overall) one satisfies the body’s need for deep nourishment – on a cellular level. This is the crux of the issue with the SAD (Standard American Diet). People have learnt to place such a big focus on macronutrients (protein, fat & carbs) and in the process forget about the importance of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, antioxidants, live enzymes etc.) – found in raw, living, nutrient-dense plant foods. There is a reason the famous green juice is a “thing”.


Because of this macronutrient focus, there is a steady flow and availability of energy (calories) but with little nutrition within those calories. What is the result? The result is constantly being hungry, or “peckish” and having 'unbeatable cravings'. So we reach for more food. But not nutrient-dense foods, nutrient-deficient foods because many people simply don't know better. In today's world there is such a warped understanding of nutrition: from the old beliefs of "milk is good for your bones" and such. Essentially we reach for more of the same disease-causing foods in the hope of satisfying the body’s craving. But what the body is really crying out for is vitamins, minerals & phytochemicals (all of which are found in abundance in raw & cooked whole plant foods!). This is understandable because the body is looking for nutrients and not just energy. This is the crux of the obesity crisis that the world is facing at the moment. Along with the accessibility and propensity to grab convenient, processed and highly physiologically unsatisfying foods.


Another reason that obesity is on the rise, in my opinion, is the tendency to mindlessly eat foods as a means of covering up the hunger of the soul to be nourished in truly meaningful ways – i.e. the meaningful relationships in our lives (primarily the one with ourselves!) and having a consistent spiritual/connective practice that gives you space and time to attend and become receptive to the subtler needs of the Self. A space to quieten the mental flutter of the mind. This desire to shut out that inner voice of subtlety is one of the reasons why people in todays’ society have this constant need to busy ourselves, distract ourselves and turn away from a deep inner knowing that what we need is not another hamburger or chocolate bar, but to sit with ourselves in stillness – to become deeply intimate with ourselves on an energetic & emotional level. This is primary nourishment. When our soul fundamentally feels cared for by ourselves creating SPACE, we can begin to look outward because we have attended lovingly to our inner spaces. But this constant habit of looking outside of ourselves for satisfaction, joy, harmony and peace will always be fruitless because that comes from a deep connection that begins from within.


It is of utmost importance that people start to adopt a more plant-based diet: for the animals, for the planet and for the health of the people. Or at the very least, to dramatically increase the amount of fruits and veggies in their diets. It’s also about focusing not only on what you are taking out of your diet (e.g. taking out dairy) but more on what you are putting IN (introducing more fruit into your days, fruit & vegetable juices etc.) so that it is not perceived, in your mind, as a restrictive thing but rather as a sustainable lifestyle change. When we focus on the positive we are putting into our diet (and lifestyle) we will begin to focus even more on that and soon, what we are subtracting from our diet (and lifestyle) will fall effortlessly away because we won’t feel the need for those things that don’t make us feel our most vibrant.


This ties beautifully into a fundamental belief of mine that: if we all take a deep seated responsibility for the inner wellbeing of our beings we will really be able to effect positive change in the world. But, it starts with the relationship we have with and to ourselves. It starts with learning how to truly care for oneself. Then we can really begin to share that positive energy in our relationships, to our community, and soon you find you have the energy, the desire and the drive to serve people and to focus not just on yourself but on serving the world as best you can because it is all stemming from this space of authentic inner harmony, balance & peace. This, this is a good life. For me, that is a life well lived – a life that has through healing, through connection to Source and Self and through being attentive, can best serve humanity by facilitating an expansion of conscious awareness (that starts with self-awareness!). Self-care as a means of caring for the world. However, I know that a lot of people come to this space with the inverse experience or belief: that through service you come to finding yourself. Whatever/whichever way works best for you: as long as there is attentive energy towards the Self and service to the other.


ANYWAAAAAAY … little evening ramble for you. Some food for thought while you blend your Raw Salted Walnut Caramel Cream.




·      ½ cup of filtered water

·      5 medjool dates (big and juicy)

·      5 walnuts

·      5 pecan nuts

·      Big pinch of sea salt or Himalayan salt

·      Big pinch of cinnamon (optional)



1.     Literally this recipe is as simple as placing the water, the nuts, the salt & and the pitted medjool dates (and the cinnamon if using) into a nutribullet and BLENDING until smooth and CREAMY. It’s quite amazing how creamy this comes out. It blows my mind every dang time.

2.     ENJOY.