Chocolate Chip Banana Ice-Cream Papaya Boats

This. Freaking. Recipe.


I think that’s all I need to say, really.

But, I’ll say it again for good measure:


This. Freaking. Recipe.


So as part of the 40-day cleanse I’ve been doing to help my gut and overall health of my body & mind, I’ve been eating quite high raw during the days and then having hearty, grounding, nourishing bowls of gently cooked vegetables and roots and grains in the evenings. This has been working wonders for me. While eating raw I’ve been eating heaps of fruit (fresh & dried) and nuts & seeds, lots of dark leafy greens and green juices (ensuring to get all those micronutrients in!). Lots of seeds. Why all the seeds? Well, I believe that to make eating Raw Food in Winter more sustainable, nourishing and grounding one should really increase the amount of whole plant food fats you eat. This helps because: Winter insulation, grounding, and because Winter is a time of more dense foods instead of light Summer foods.  Also, nuts & seeds are very hearty and satisfying so for me personally, eating seeds or another kind of nut like walnuts or brazil nuts with a fruit meal not only slows down the absorption process of the sugars into the blood stream, but is also very sustaining. For me it makes a fruit meal feel more substantial. 



How did this recipe come about? Well, I went for a long morning walk along the beach and it was just glorious. I felt like my head was in the clouds, I felt light and OPEN. The waves & the open expansive sky above me, the knowing that I had nowhere else to be and nothing on a to-do list to complete. Bliss. You know that feeling when you realize you are part of the very fabric that comprises the Universe? You are the ocean. You are the sky. You are every grain of sand underneath your feet? As you can probably tell, I am trying very hard here to avoid saying “you are One with all” because it is one of those very cliché lines. But, as it is said, clichés often come from a place of truth. And this is one such truth. Essentially you ARE one with everything that is and will ever be. And for me, moments in nature, moments of pure connection to my Soul always bring me back to that realization. This walk along the coastal line was a profound reminder of just this. Whenever I feel the clouding of my mind take over due to increased identification with the mental flutter/clutter, I try to connect to this realization, this knowing. How? My top ways of de-cluttering my mind and becoming still and connected again are: Yoga, being in nature, reading a book on consciousness, connecting to my breath, sitting in my garden with a cup of tea, journaling.  


This realization is a deeply soothing and liberating realization because it always makes me realize that:

1.     You don’t have to take life so seriously.

2.     You don’t have to take things so personally.

3.     There is space for everything in life because it is ALL part of life (the good, the seemingly ‘bad’ or “negative”, the wondrous, the moments of ecstasy , the moments of solitude, the moments of sharing, the moments of sadness etc.).

4.     Any and all anxiety, depression & dis-ease that I carry is largely caused by a deep resistance to the present moment. Release resistance = release of dis-ease in whatever form it takes in that.

5.     A harmonious, peaceful mind that is in alignment with ones’ internal inner subtle energies = balanced, joyous living.

6.     That you are your own healer, healing force & guide. We often look outside of ourselves and give away any & all personal power to other people (friends, family, doctors etc.) when actually the healing force in our own lives is OURSELVES. When we realize and actualize this personal power and freedom we can begin to make effective & profound changes in our own lives because we are living from a place of empowered authenticity.



while I was on my morning stroll, I was having big moments of existential realization & growth. After which was proceeded by an immense hunger and I wanted to create something raw but something different and delicious. Instead of my usual fruit platter, I thought, how can I re-invent this raw wheel a bit for my morning breakfast enjoyment?

And so the idea for the magical papaya boats arose. From somewhere inspired and excited and liberated within me.

These are just magical. My new favorite recipe for sure. They are sweet, soothing, crunchy (from the cacao nibs and goji berries) and creamy. A real show stopper.




·      3-4 small (hand sized) papayas or 2 medium ones

·      4-5 frozen bananas

·      2 tablespoons cacao nibs

·      2-3 tablespoons goji berries, dried

·      Pinch of sea salt or Himalayan salt

·      1 lemon, cut in half

·      2-4 medjool dates



1.     In a food processor, place your chopped frozen bananas. Give them a minute or two to just ever so slightly thaw so that you can blend them with greater ease and without having to add any liquid. As they are blending add in the pinch of salt.

2.     Once they are smooth and in a banana ice-cream state, add in the cacao nibs and some of the goji berries. Set aside (either in the freezer or if you work quickly then they can stay out).

3.     Now cut the papayas in half lengthways and scoop out the inner pips (which I always keep and eat about a spoonful a day because they are so nutrient-dense and anti-parasitic).

4.     Now simply scoop the ice-cream into the papaya boats, top with goji berries and chopped dates, drizzle with some lemon juice and SERVE. If you’re feeling extra decadent you can add a drizzle of your favorite nut butter (tahini, almond or cashew are my top recommendations)