Chocolate-Hazelnut-Mousse Pots & Addictions

Okay y’all (my inner Texan coming back out: lol). FINALLY, I am herewith the delicious, long-awaited Chocolate Pots recipe that I’ve been promising for what feels like ages now. I must be quite frank with you all and say that this recipe is WAY WAY WAY up there with some of the top things I’ve ever eaten (there I go again: speaking in hyperbole). Although, when chocolate is involved, that is never a hard this to beat for me.


This recipe was adapted and changed from a beautiful cookbook I bought for my friend, Tash. Together, we mixed it up and created these absolutely decadent, joyous and DIVINE (in the truest sense of the word) Hazelnut Mousse Pots.


These are:

o   Sweet

o   Rich

o   chocolate-y

o   crunchy (you should all know by now I am a major crunch-factor gal)

o   smooth & creamy

o   slightly salty

o   totally soul soothing & heart warming 

OH AND, the roasted hazelnuts (magic as they are) making this taste like a NUTELLA MOUSSE! Win? WIN. 




I just love food. Albeit my relationship to food has been quite complex since I was in High School, I feel as though I truly am working into new & glorious ways of relating to food. One of the ways in which I have found immense healing through food is through connecting with people I love during the process of creating and eating it.

For people with complex relationships to food or for people who, like me, have had a history of an eating disorder it is important to understand that food itself is never the issue; rather it is an internal, mentally-driven issue that through deep denial of the Self becomes manifest in various ways or addictive patterns (be it an eating disorder, drug or alcohol abuse or any other compulsive behavior). Like any addiction, the addiction is a symptom. The root cause of that particular manifestation or symptom is often deep-seated emotional and energetic ‘stuff’ that needs honest & open internal inquiry, tenderness and healing.

For me personally, discovering veganism and getting into a regular & consistent meditation and Yoga practice was what started a deep journey of healing for me. A journey constant unfolding of, confronting of, dealing with, facing full-on and deep deep internal work: work that often feels like peeling back the layers of an onion in that sometimes it feels like there is never ending depth and complexity. However, this depth & complexity is what gives rise to immense understanding and peace (eventually and continually). I am planning on doing a separate post on this sometime soon – where I expand on this more, but for now, I just want to say for anyone out there with any sort of addictive pattern in their lives: it is possible to heal. Your body and mind are resilient. They have GOT YOUR BACK. In small ways, your body, mind & energy are always pulling you towards a state of balance and harmony – it is when the monkey mind gets in the way that these messages are blocked. This monkey mind is responsible for the mental identification that is at the root of any addiction and going beyond that monkey mind takes a lot of stillness, a lot of presence and a lot of sitting with yourself in total openness & honesty.

As you sit with yourself, as you observe the monkey mind, you start to realize that the monkey mind is not you, it is not who you are. You are not your thoughts, you are not your actions, you are not your possessions. Rather, you are the alive & vibrating consciousness behind all of that. The consciousness that is aware of that thinking mind, but is not it.

Yoga & meditation help us to refine our capacity to still this monkey mind and connect to our truest natures. It helps us to refine our ability to truly listen & HEAR what the body, mind & Soul are telling us. Once we listen & truly hear, we can then act in accordance to this. Acting in accordance to this helps us to align our outwards actions & behaviors with our true Self. When this happens, balance, alignment & harmony are found. This takes time and constant commitment to trying again and again and again. It takes a certain resilience to not feel defeated when faced with challenge and moments of suffering. But every decision and every moment is another opportunity to come back home to yourself and live in alignment with your Truth. When we recognize this, there is immense freedom in any given present moment because you realize that you can essentially create the life you want to live in THIS moment. AND this one. And THIS ONE. And so it unfolds. The next thing you know, you are living a balanced life: when you focus on the simple unfolding of each moment and how you want to relate to that and be in that moment defines how you react to the already unfolding moment.


I have wanted to talk about this for a while because it has been a very deep & long journey for me. One that I have wanted to share, but haven’t yet found the right time or been in the right space to go deep into it. However, I figured what better way to begin openly talking about this history of an eating disorder than with a decadent, truly blissful food experience and creation as these pots are. They reminded me not only of how far I have come, but of how healing and precious food & connection is. My friend Tash and I spent the night creating these beauties mid-busy University week and BOY am I happy we did. We danced around the kitchen, dipped our fingers in the batter, adjusted the recipe multiple times until we were 100% happy with it, licked the bowls clean and had many giggles as we snacked and created together. This simple experience reminded me of the importance of sharing, of connecting & of the lightness of being human. We then let them set over night and the following night she came back over, had G&T’s and Chocolate Pots and … happy were our tummies.

NOW, if you weren't already convinced enough to run to the shops to get the ingredients to make this RIGHT NOW, perhaps these little food snaps will entice you s'more? 





o   2 blocks (600g) of silken tofu

o   8 Medjool dates, pitted

o   100 drops of liquid stevia (but start with less and adjust to your taste - however we found this to be the absolute winner number!)

o   100g of 90% dark Lindt chocolate

o   100g hazelnuts

o   7-8 tablespoons of raw cacao powder

o   2 tablespoons cacao nibs (optional but recommended to serve)

o   2-3 teaspoons of Maca Powder

o   ½ teaspoon salt

o   Strawberries (optional: to serve)




1.     Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius and then place your hazelnuts on a baking tray. Place into the oven and roast until they golden brown and slightly fragrant. Keep your eyes on them – you don’t want them to burn!

2.     In a blender (we first used a food processor and then upon imperfect blending moved it  over to the trusty old Nutri-Bullet) place the tofu, dates, stevia, raw cacao, maca and salt & blend until smooth.

3.     Bring a small pot of water to the boil and place a silver or glass bowl on top of it (the water shouldn’t touch the bottom of the bowl). The water then begins to boil and then the hot steam allows you to melt the chocolate in a very safe way without fear of it burning or curdling. Once the water is boiling, add the chocolate slab into the glass/silver bowl and let it melt (stirring with a wooden spoon). Now add this to your blended mixture and blend until smooth and creamy & delectable.

4.     Chop hazelnuts & set aside with the cacao nibs. Once the mixture is fully blended, place into individual ramekins, top with a pinch of salt on each one. Place in the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight for best results. Only top with the toppings when serving so as to keep the crunch of the nuts & the nibs and the freshness of the strawberries.