Raw Superfood Thumbnail Cookies & DEEP HEALING

Dearest body. Dearest mind. Dearest Soul. These are for you.


These beyond decadent, indulgent & fabulously nutrient-dense thumbnail cookies are a one of a kind creation of delicious-ness. In case you haven’t picked up on it already, I pretty much just speak in hyperbole. It’s a running house joke, actually. Everyone giggles at me with my “this is the best thing I’ve ever tasted!” or “that was the best yoga session of my life!” or “that was the greatest day I’ve ever had!”. It’s actually pretty hilarious. But, hyperbole-speech aside, these truly are THE MOST FREAKING YUMMY RAW VEGAN TREAT I’VE EVER MADE and I am so excited to share this recipe with you all. They are perfect for a snack with your morning coffee, a mid-morning pick me up, a decadent dessert treat or, actually … in fact, they are a perfect anytime snack that will soothe the soul and attend to your heart.


Disclaimer: I am very aware that this is a luxury recipe – it is decadent and delicious and FILLED with heaps of delicious, nutrient-dense and often expensive Superfoods. It is not only an amazing way to get an insane array of anti-oxidants, vitamins & minerals into your diet in two small bites, but is jam packed with real, honest-to-Earth deliciousness factor 1000. Even though I use a variety of superfoods here, this is by no means a reflection on what a vegan diet has to be. Many people say that veganism is so expensive. In truth, it really is not if you are sticking to whole plant foods like beans, rice, potatoes, fresh vegetables and fruits. It becomes expensive when you want to make Superfoods a staple in your life. And to succeed on a vegan diet that is by no means a requirement. The real superfoods are the whole plant foods that contain HEAPS of nutrients that allow our bodies and beings to thrive! My ability to buy and use Superfoods is a luxury and one that I am so grateful for being able to afford and delve into. Even though it is not cheap and I will often (almost every time) choose two superfoods over a new jumper or pair of shoes. Why?  Because I see it like this: I don’t need new clothes. I have clothes. What I do value and cherish is investing into my physical body; the space in which my Soul and being resides. I believe in giving my body the best support I know how in order to enhance my quality of life and this Earthly experience of being in a human form and body. So for me, it is always a no brainer: good quality food is a necessity.



In my opinion I believe it really is this simple: I nourish myself deeply & lovingly in order to best serve my highest purpose and to best serve those around me. When my proverbial cup is full, I have more to pull from in order to give more and be more present in my interactions and connections with people. I have had a very complex relationship to nourishment in this life. I have been learning over the last years the immense importance of being open, receptive and grateful for process of nourishing myself. I have learnt and am still learning to see it as a sacred process or moment. A moment where you are taking the time to consciously, mindfully and tenderly care for yourself. And this attending to yourself occurs on multiple levels: the physical, energetic, spiritual, mental and emotional. This is why I so often stress the importance of mindful eating, eating without distraction and choosing consciously what you put into your body – because what you choose to eat doesn’t only have a direct impact on your physical body and energy levels but it also has a potent and tangible effect on your subtle energy body.


This was the essence and crux of the workshop that I held in Greece in March at the beginning of this year (2018). I am currently working on expanding my knowledge and sharing this with you all. It is such potent and transformative information and I can’t wait to be able to share it with the Healing Root family because this information truly changed my life and was an integral part of my healing journey and still is. It has allowed me to move from mental identification and addictions towards freedom, deeper intuitive connection to my body and being, and towards increased sensitivity and ability to attentively hear what my body truly wants and needs in any given moment. I will either be making an E-Book or just a VERY long blog post, but either way, the information will hopefully be available to you by years’ end (if I am able to work enough on it before then!). So, watch this space ;)


Now I don’t want to fool you or portray an image of my life as being perfect and 100% healed and happy. There are days of challenge, hardship and struggle. Days when the addictive tendencies and voices and conditioned habitual thought patterns try to wiggle their way back into my being and lived experience of reality. I am busy learning to be more open and real and vulnerable within those times. I am learning to sit in them and not reject them just because they are seemingly darker than the lighter aspects of my being and my life. Through the simple act of releasing resistance to those times and moments and parts of myself, I have found immense healing and growth because now I am no longer denying, suppressing, resisting, rejection or avoiding things that need to be held and worked through lovingly. In this, I am hoping to clarify the fact that even though this lifestyle of Yoga, meditation, plant based eating and a big focus on HEALING has helped me immensely in my journey I have become increasingly aware of the fact that I also want to and need to share the fact that it is not a quick fix solution. The deeply transformative work happens within on a much deeper level. It is things like food, energy and Yoga that helps us to access those levels of depth of our beings in order to facilitate that work and healing.


I feel that this authenticity and realness is of greater service to people than portraying an image of just the highlights and good moments of my life. There are days that are hard and days that I don’t feel like rolling out my mat and getting into my practice – and ironically it is those days when I need it the most and where most of the confronting and challenging healing work happens because it is those times where it is clear that there is the need for the light of awareness to be shed on an inner aspect of my lived experience in order for me to work through it and GROW. It is during those times where the resistance to the higher seat of Self have caused a big welling up of resistance and avoidance; no doubt these times are when I am most identified with the mental perceptions and limiting beliefs that limit my ability to live authentically, openly and with true courage. A courage that is cultivated in the showing up, in the going within even when you don’t feel like, a courage that is cultivated in the sitting with yourself even when it is not comfortable or pleasant. For me, the truest freedom I have ever felt goes WAY WAY WAY beyond the mind and into the deep, tender and loving present moment of being with yourself openly. Of releasing the judging mind and finding & connecting to a deep well of still, conscious, alert awareness. The present moment then becomes our greatest freedom. It becomes the greatest gift of being.


I’ve found immense freedom in realizing that when pain or suffering are experienced it is like a physical reflex. A reflex to something within that is begging to be attended to. As soon as awareness and conscious loving attention is placed on that which is begging for it, the power that that has over you dissipates as if like magic. In this, it can be seen that any resistance, tension, anxiety, depression or anger is a guide. A guide or map to navigating the inner world of your being more delicately and openly - with a greater strength as you are working with your vulnerabilities instead of against them. When you realize that the present moment is 100% inclusive (meaning that it functions beyond the limitations and binaries of separation and categorization of the mind) there is total freedom because you no longer have to reject any part of you or any experience. It is all simply HELD in the presence of what is. Therefore, it is part of the whole. Therefore, there is no need to reject it. There is only the space in which it is all held (the messy, the difficult, the struggle, the beautiful, the magical and the mundane), which is all encompassed by the present moment. The anxiety arises when we don’t recognize this as being part of the whole, when we reject a certain internal or external experience. When we reject we are saying, “no, there is no space for you here”. But when you hold space for everything you experience: healing occurs.


And now I am making a round trip back to these beautiful and dare I say it, healing thumbnail cookies:




·      12 Medjool dates

·      2/3 cup of raw pecan nuts (plus more for decorating)

·      1/3 cup of Goji Berries

·      ¼ cup of raw sunflower seeds

·      3 tablespoons raw cacao

·      2 tablespoons cacao nibs

·      2 teaspoons maca powder

·      2 teaspoons ground espresso powder (and more for rolling) – freshly roasted & ground is best

·      2 teaspoons hemp seed powder

·      1 teaspoon hemp seeds

·      1 teaspoon cinnamon

·      1 teaspoon chia seeds

·      ½ teaspoon of Pink Himalayan salt




1.     In the blender add in the Medjool dates, 1/3 cup of the 2/3 cups of pecans, all of the following: cacao, maca root powder, cinnamon, espresso, hemp powder & seeds, chia seeds and salt. Blend on high until well mixed and broken down.

2.     Now add in the goji berries, sunflower seeds, the remaining 1/3 cup of pecans, cacao nibs and pulse for 30 seconds until well combined but not fully blended – this adds different textural elements.

3.     Roll into about 20 one tablespoon-measurement balls and roll in extra espresso powder. Then press half of a pecan nut into the center of the ball and squish it down so that it creates a delicious thumbnail cookie.

4.     ENJOY!!!