The Perfect Oatmeal Cookie

Yes. This is a reality. This is a joyous, joyous reality. FINALLY, an oatmeal cookie that, to me, is just perfection. With outside edges and bits that are crispy & crunchy, an inside that is the perfect balance between light and dense and an overall texturally satisfying cookie. What with the gooey bits of dried banana and the crunchy bits from the cacao nibs and chia seeds, it ticked all my boxes. I think we all need that one very reliable, delicious oatmeal cookie recipe to whip out whenever you need it: busy days, fun occasions, picnics, getting kids involved in the kitchen in a healthy and interactive way. You name it, these cookies are your friend. And your food. 



The very slight citrus hum is beautifully married with the earthiness of the tahini, maca, and carob powder. It may sound a bit off-putting, like whaat? Citrus in a cookie? Nah not for me. But seriously, it’s one of those bizarre combinations that are actually just super mind-blowingly awesome. These cookies really are my new favorite to have on-hand for those busy mornings when you need to grab and go go go. Or those afternoons when you desperately need a nourishing pick-me-up.  Or if you’re like me and decide to be super extra you can use it as a delicious topping on top of your morning oatmeal bowl. OR for a dessert treat you can make chocolate banana ice-cream and sandwich it between two cookies and INDULGE. Yes I did do that, and yes it was fantastic. Oh and did I mention that they also freeze really well if you’d like to make a big batch ahead of time. What's more - I discovered the pure JOY of eating these oatmeal cookies straight from the freezer. Yes, that may sound incredibly bizarre and you may wonder WHY and HOW I came to discover this and I will tell you. It was a morning where I had to dash off and forgot to take food with me to Uni. Safe to say that by the time I had some time to spare and come home to eat, I was RAVENOUS. I then remembered the cookies waiting in the freezer and with incredible amounts of impatience I tucked into the cookie straight from the freezer and it was freaking YUM! It's almost like it got even more crunchy and chewy and delicious by being so cold. That's why I can truly vouch for it being a great cookie option for an ice-cream sandwich. OR, if you do have time and want a warm, almost-like-freshly-baked cookie then you can pop it in the oven while you boil the kettle or if you're wanting it NOW you can place in the toaster. This is also true for if you’d like them to be re-heated after being stored in an airtight container as they can get a bit dense after the 3rd day. 



3 + ¼ cup of oats, quick cooking oat

1 tablespoon of cinnamon

5 teaspoons of chia seeds

2 tablespoons of carob powder

6 tablespoons of maple syrup/honey/brown rice syrup (plus extra for glazing)

1 tablespoon coconut oil

2 tablespoons of tahini

1 tablespoon of Maca powder

10 tablespoons of soy milk, unsweetened

2 tablespoon of cacao nibs

3 pieces of dried banana, chopped

½ lemon juiced and zest

2 clementine, juiced (together the juice of the clementine & lemon made ½ cup of liquid)

25 drops of stevia liquid (if using brown rice syrup or molasses I would recommend about 30 drops as those sweeteners are less sweet, if using honey I would recommend using about 25)

½ tsp salt



1.      Preheat the oven to 180-200 degrees celsius and prepare a baking tray with parchment paper. Place 2 cups of the oats in a food processor or blender and blend until you have oat flour. Place in a big mixing bowl. Now, add the rest of the oats to that along with the salt, cinnamon, chia seeds, carob, maca, cacao nibs, lemon zest and dried banana (or other dried fruit of choice).

2.      In a small sauce pan place the tahini, coconut oil, syrup, stevia and milk and bring to a gentle simmer just enough so that it all blends. Turn off the heat and add in the citrus juice. Pour all of this into the dry ingredients and mix well to combine. Immediately start rolling and squashing (I used 1/8 cup measure). 

3.       Now scoop a heaping dessert spoon of the mixture in your hands and roll into a ball. Then flatten it out onto the parchment paper and continue until the mixture is complete. Now bake for 25-30 minutes although this will depend on the size you have rolled them and the heat of your oven so just make sure to stick around to keep peering in on them so they don't burn. Mine baked for 30 minutes. As soon as they come out of the oven glaze them with a bit of extra liquid sweetener that you have used (molasses, maple, etc.).

Let them cool, they crisp up as they cool and then TUCK IN. 

NOTE: they are divine dunked into extra almond butter with a pinch of salt.