Welcome to The Healing Root Blog! 

My name is Maria Praeg and I started this blog as a medium dedicated to delving deeper into exploring all the facets of health and wellbeing from nutritious plant-focused recipes to exploring the connection between the mind & body, to the energetic & healing qualities of food & preparation techniques, yoga, AYURVEDA and more. You can head over to the "About" page in the panel above to read more about my journey & interests and inspirations into starting this blog. 


I hope you can find something among the recipes, tips, tricks, experiences & lessons I've learnt and shared here that can make healthy living & vibrancy more available & accessible to you in your every day life. The health movement, as well as the movement towards living a more conscious, ethical and care-filled life, is like a ripple effect. And each splash that any one person makes, makes a difference and plants the seeds of consciousness, care & compassion into the minds of the people we surround ourselves with. So, I am a firm believer that once we fill our own tanks with mindful presence and attentive love we can extend that outwards to all of those around us and bring an immense amount of growth and healing to the world. It starts by going within, and then taking those lessons of healing outward into the world through your idiosyncratic gifts and ways.


I am a big believer in: you can only meet others to the degree that you have met yourself. That should be motivation enough to encourage you to go on the on-going journey towards understanding yourself deeper, loving yourself more fully and holding yourself as you would hold a dear friend.


Having said that, let’s go deeper in the exploration of health together. Co-creating, learning from each other and making that ripple effect reach far and wide so that we can heal ourselves and by extension heal the planet and all of the beings living on her glorious vastness. Let’s support each other on the intricate journey towards balance. 


Yours in healing

Maria Praeg