Jeweled Maca Oatmeal Bowl

Jeweled Maca Morning Oats


Good morning beautiful people. This morning, I woke up ravenous. I woke up with a fire in my belly and a hunger for something nourishing & comforting. The weather is cold & overcast and so I decided it was time for another simple, affordable & delicious oatmeal recipe.


On a side note: I would like to take a moment to talk about something dear to my heart. Lately, I have been listening to Srimati’s podcasts – otherwise known as Julie Piatt. Her podcasts are beautiful, heart-felt and cover topics of connection to ones’ energetic body & spiritual nature. She also talks about other things like: self-love. And not in the gushy, mushy “self-help” way that most people are accustomed to, but in a very down-to-Earth, loving way with a penetrating understanding that goes beyond form & into the depth of consciousness.

The delicious bowl of oatmeal goodness in all of her majestic beauty.

The delicious bowl of oatmeal goodness in all of her majestic beauty.


One thing I took away from one of her podcasts was: WHY NOT LOVE OURSELVES ferociously, intimately, lovingly & deeply? Why are we so conditioned to believe an idea (or ideas) about ourselves that don’t serve our highest good & potential in growing our awareness beyond the world of the physical, allowing us to expand in love and understanding? Going beyond mental fluctuations, going beyond the constructions of the mind and finding liberation through identifying the roots of the false ideas we hold so dearly about ourselves that often cause suffering and pain allows us to step into, and live, an embodied, present & FULL life. A life that is gentle. Loving. Nurturing. Tender. Balanced.


I watched Inception with my dad the other night and one thing that really struck me and consequently stuck with me, was this notion that once we understand & believe an idea (once it makes sense as truth in our minds) we often believe this idea ruthlessly, without interrogation, without questioning the validity of its’ roots. But the danger in this is that without questioning our beliefs, they can quite literally change our entire lives, our paths, our realities by shaping how we perceive things. This can either benefits us (by having a supportive, loving idea about ourselves towards ourselves) or it can be destructive.


So we must ask ourselves: what purpose is that negative root of self-doubt, self-criticism and self-destruction having in our life beyond making us drive ourselves to exhaustion, resisting the ease & flow of life, burning us out and driving us to anxiety & depression? Now ask yourself, what happens if we were to truly go deep and identify the roots of this mistaken ideas that we hold as truths & actively CHANGE the idea/ideas in our minds to one whose narrative is self-supporting and nurturing? I’ll tell you, as I have had glimpses of it in my life  – life becomes forgiving, supportive and loving in its’ very nature. Trust begins to emerge (or re-emerge), coming to the forefront. Trust of the self, trust within ones’ own body, trust of the world around you and trust in the greater picture. I truly believe, that we as human beings need to start cultivating TRUST AGAIN. Starting within ourselves and then allowing this trust to filter out into every aspect of our lives.

Maca is a tuber or root also referred to as “Peruvian ginseng”. It is a nutrient dense powerhouse food. Otherwise known as a superfood. It is well-known for its’ healing properties, high mineral content and for its’ ability to facilitate normal hormone functioning. It contains 20 amino acids including 8 essential amino acids and is also known for helping people that struggle with adrenal fatigue, burn out and the like. Maca me up baby. 

Anywhoooo, that was a little morning detour chirp about loving the self and observation and the powerful hold that these two aspects hold in our lives. And Maca. Of course the Maca. Both of which are appropriate for this post, because this morning & this bowl of oatmeal epitomizes ‘SELF LOVE” totally. So without further a due:

Majesty bowl adorned with her jewels sitting on the beautiful props that Nature's Garden sent me. <3

Majesty bowl adorned with her jewels sitting on the beautiful props that Nature's Garden sent me. <3



·      1 cup Jungle Oats

·      1.5-2 cup water or plant based milk of choice (you can also do half half!)

·      1.5 teaspoon Maca root powder

·      1 tablespoon sweetener of choice (maple syrup/date syrup/brown rice syrup/honey)

·      1 tablespoon mixed Sunflower & Pumpkin raw seeds (and or some additional nut butter)

·      1-2 tablespoons fresh pomegranate seeds

·      Hearty pinch of Himalayan sea salt




1.    Place the oats and water in a pot and bring to medium-high heat. Cook for about 3 minutes stirring consistently.

2.    Add in the maca powder and stir it in well. Add salt in the last minute of cooking.

3.    Add in the sweetener. Stir well.

4.    De-pit your pomegranate (by cutting in half and holding each half over a bowl of water and hitting the top of the pomegranate into the water with a wooden spoon – the pomegranate jewels should fall right out into the water).

5.    Place your oatmeal in a bowl, top with seeds & pomegranate. And if you’re like me, and like it with a bit more of a punch add another pinch of sea salt.

6.    Serve & ENJOY.