Mocha Goji Powerballs

Mocha Goji Power Balls

Today's post is a shorter one - due to the fact that I am at the end of my exam period (which means I am rather tired, worn out and slightly drained) as well as the fact that I have to start my admin & packing process for our trip to ... (drum roll please) BALI & THAILAND in December. I don't think I have announced it on the blog yet, but I have on Instagram - in under two weeks I will be on a plane back to my spirit home: BALI. A place that cracked my heart & mind open again last year. A place that shook me to my core, brought up much of my internal struggles, allowing me to truly face, deal & process them. It was also a place that will forever have marked a stamp in my life due to it being where I really discovered the depth of the yogic path, and completed my Yoga Teacher training. 

We are finally nearing the end of this tediously long exam period and I could not actually be more excited if I tried. These power balls were a staple for me during my study & writing time – giving me stable, consistent and delicious energy. But they are by no means limited to this period – these are perfect for traveling, snacking, working, long school days or days when you simply don’t have the time or means to dedicate adequate time & energy into packing detailed snacks for yourself (I am literally known by my fam and friends as “Snack Dealer”, which is totally appropriate as I always have some sort of snack with me … just in case the munchies kick in). You know this “hangry” thing is a real thing. And when it kicks in, it kicks in hard.  For those of you that don't know what "hangry" is, it is basically a phenomenon where you get angry or grumpy because you are hungry. So it has become a common word used for that stage when you are past slight munchies and in ultimate: "GIMME SOMETHING TO EAT NOW before I can converse normally with you". 

Taking snacks with me has been a saving grace in my life the last few years. Having an on-hand snack can help so much, especially if you are just transitioning to a vegan diet - making sure you don’t get too hungry is really key because when you get very hungry you tend to crave more calorie dense foods – this is a natural survival instinct and one that has allowed for survival for years. However, when transitioning to a vegan diet this instinct can sometimes hinder ones’ efforts by making us want to reach for foods we know have in the past enabled us to survive when hungriest by containing much energy (cue animal products). Some of the most calorie dense foods out there are animal products, so to ensure you eliminate your cravings for animal products when coming to a vegan diet, make sure you don’t let yourself get too hungry. Also, being hangry isn’t good for anyone – definitely not for those around you who have to deal with the wrath of a hungry caterpillar. I know for sure that these balls saved me multiple times over the last few weeks. Think: sitting in the library studying for what felt like an eternity and then suddenly realizing just how hungry I really am and that no, I am not actually that much of a grumpy sod, I am actually just hungry and then remembering that I have 3 balls stashed away in my bag, whipping them out, eating them like they are the very life force sustaining my existence and then feeling like a functional human being again. Revived, energized and satisfied.


There is something to be said for that oh-so satisfying bite into something when you are hungry and in need of nutrients to the brain & body. To relish that absolute delight of nourishing your body is one of my favorite things in life. When you can literally feel the flood of good energy into your every cell – without cruelty, without hurt, without suffering to the animals, the planet or your own health & wellbeing. Good energy.


ANYWAY, back to the balls of greatness that will definitely come in handy whenever you need them most – for a “save me now” snack or a post-dinner dessert, or everything in-between. Did I mention that these are also fantastic for festive family get togethers or a fun activity to rope/get the kids involved in during the Christmas holidays!



·      1 cup rolled oats

·      1 cup of semi-dried pitted dates

·      1/8 cup desiccated coconut, toasted

·      1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

·      1 tablespoon flax seeds

·      1 teaspoon toasted sesame seeds

·      5-6 walnuts

·      ¼ teaspoon salt

·      2 tablespoons high quality cocoa or raw cacao

·      1.5 tablespoons ground coffee

·      4 tablespoons of filtered water

·      1 tablespoon maple syrup/ /brown rice syrup/ honey – if you eat honey etc.

·      2 tablespoons goji berries



1.    In a food processor, blend together the rolled oats, dates, coconut, cinnamon, whole flax seeds, toasted sesame seeds, 5-6 walnuts, cacao, salt, coffee and liquid syrup sweetener.

2.    Once it’s all broken down more, add in your water. Process again until it all comes together in a held-together ball in your processor.

3.    Add in your goji berries and give a last pulse or two.

4.    Roll and DEVOUR. My batch made about 12-14 balls.